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Lunch With The Queen and Prince Charles At Poundbury

Cullen Bricklaying and Oakenstead Estates Builders Acknowledged for their work at Poundbury.

Paul & John Cullen from Cullen Bricklaying and Oakenstead Estates Builders were invited to lunch with and meet the Queen and Prince Charles at an unveiling of the Queen Mother's Statue in Queen Mothers Square, Poundbury, Dorchester.

They were invited as an acknowledgement for their work on both the Morrish Builders and C G Frys sites at Poundbury which were mentioned in the speech by HRH Prince Charles.


  • NHBC Quality and Seal of Excellence Award winner year on year...
  • Multiple Civic Trust and Civic Society Award winners for quality of workmanship.
  • NHBC Pride in the Job Award 2015 for work for C G Frys at Poundbury
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